''Every puppy should have a boy.''

- Erma Bombeck

Here's a few kind words from our loving adopted families
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Why a Windsor Creek Labradoodle?

Labradoodle puppy We start by carefully selecting and testing our breeding stock so that we breed extremely healthy and wonderfully-tempered Australian Multigeneration Labradoodles. Special attention is given to diet and nutrition of our breeding dogs as well as their puppies.
Labradoodle puppy We do not have a kennel and only raise a specified number of litters per year. This gives us plenty of quality time and attention to devote to our puppies as well as time for continuing education and operating a top quality breeding program.
Labradoodle puppy Our breeding stock are raised in our home or in the homes of highly qualified and approved guardian parents. Our labradoodles receive expert veterinarian care. We keep detailed records on file of all our labradoodles and their progeny. Breeding stock receive healthcare by a highly respected Theriologist (an animal reproductive specialist).
Labradoodle puppy We know you are anxious and excited about your upcoming puppy, so we want to make the transition from our home to yours as easy as possible. We communicate very closely with our puppy families via pictures and progress reports. We also offer continued breeder support when the puppies are in their new homes and always encourage our families to call us or e-mail us whenever a question arises.
Labradoodle puppy Our labradoodle puppies are also born and raised in our home. They have a whelping room specifically designed for their comfort. Moms are closely monitored as well as the puppies to be sure they are thriving properly, are healthy and happy. Their environment is extremely well-kept and sanitary.
Labradoodle puppy Puppies are handled and cuddled from their birth. Throughout their time with us, they are loved, pampered and extremely well-socialized. We spend a lot of time with each puppy individually as well as the litter as a whole. Our puppies are introduced to plenty of toys and to wearing a collar. We begin teaching them 'no nipping' behavior at an early age.
Labradoodle puppy We introduce them to important grooming activities such as coat brushing and trimming of their nails. We handle their feet and paw pads in a specific manner to help "desensitize" them. When the tasks of nail trimming and grooming need done by you, your puppy is well on its way to being comfortable with it. Ultimately, this will make your job easier!
Labradoodle puppy We believe puppies need plenty of room to in which to play and exercise. To best accomplish this, my husband and resident WCL construction engineer, designed a special indoor "run" for our puppies to use. Also on warm weather days and after they have had their vaccinations, we have a play-yard specific for them to romp. Our puppies have a particular area designated for paper-training which is an invaluable start to housetraining.
Labradoodle puppy We also strongly encourage you to visit our home and our beautiful Australian Labradoodle breeding parents. We have met and worked with many wonderful families along the way and always enjoy making new doodle friends!
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