''Every puppy should have a boy.''

- Erma Bombeck

Here's a few kind words from our loving adopted families
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Family Letters & Testimonials

The Frey Family story about their Phoebe ~

My husband and I both had dogs when we were kids but didn┐t think that our busy lives had room for a dog. Then we met Walt and Vicki Tyson and began to talk to them about Australian Labradoodles, dogs with great personalities and no shedding? Sounded too good to be true. We were invited to the Tyson home to meet ┐the family,┐ and we fell in love with each of their wonderful ┐doodles,┐ Fuey, Cammie and Meggie. The Tysons allowed my wife and I to spend over an hour playing and getting to each of the dogs. Walt and Vicki answered all our questions and invited us to come back with our two kids, Bennett and Caroline. The Tyson┐s expertise in the breed combined with their love of each of their awesome doodles made the decision to get an Australian Labradoodle puppy quite easy.

We put a deposit down on a puppy and the countdown began. Our family began getting ready immediately ┐ leashes, collars and toys were piling up and the smiles and excitement on the kids┐ faces were priceless. That got my wife and I even more excited about the up and coming new member of our family.

When the puppies were born, we felt we hit the lottery! We were going to bring our little girl Phoebe into our home in 8 weeks. We received pictures of the puppies often and the shopping frenzy continued.

On June 7th, we welcomed Phoebe into our home and fell in love instantly with our new addition. She has been a great little sister to our children. Her temperament and personality are even better than we could ever have hoped.

Vicki and Walt have been there for us to answer all our questions and have been a great support group for us as we learn how to care and love our labradoodle puppy. Their expertise and recommendations have made raising Phoebe and absolute pleasure.

We are told constantly by friends and families that she is the coolest and cutest dog they have ever met ~ we simply respond┐..we know.

Thank you Australian Labradoodles of Windsor Creek, Vicki and Walt for our Phoebe ~ she is awesome and so are you guys!

Rob, Steph, Bennett and Caroline Frey

Meet Jemma and her family

Dear Vicki ~

We want to thank you so much for our precious little, but fast growing, lady Jemma- already 15.4 lbs! What initially attracted us to Windsor Creek Labradoodles was the small in home breeding and individual attention the puppies received during their first 8 weeks of life. When we visited your home and met Meggie, Fuey and Cammie with their wonderful personalities, we were sold. We anxiously awaited the puppies┐ birth, then loved your weekly email updates and puppy pictures, and couldn┐t wait to hear which puppy was going to be ours. We were so excited when you called the 7th week and told us we would be getting the light chocolate stocky puppy we named Jemma. She has been a pleasure every since we brought her home.

With your excellent early start, Jemma already knew ┐potty┐ and was going to the bathroom outside when we brought her home. She immediately fit into family living-finding sticks in the yard, playing with our other dog Trevor, coming to work with me and sleeping next to (almost directly under) the bed. Over the first 3 weeks, she has constantly surprised us with her intelligence and emotion. She received many compliments and comments about her maturity for such a young girl. We love her so much! Thank you for our Jemma!

Lynn Castiglia and Brian Platt

Meet Maggie and her family

Maggie is our little love, she is spoiled and gives us so much love in return. The first vet visit, June 18, she weighed 7.8 and on June 27, she weighed 9.2. You should see how nice she walks on a leash with me. Everybody who has come to visit just loves her. Rick and I had already been enjoying our retirement, but she has made it even better. You absolutely picked out the right dog for us!!

From The Kline family about their Bella at 11 weeks old ~

Australian Labradoodle - Bella

"Our Bella is exactly what we imagined...she is a strong example of a healthy, fun-loving, and beautiful Australian Labradoodle! Vicki, thank you for your professionalism and extensive knowledge during our search for the perfect companion. Bella has adjusted very well in our home and loves ringing the poochie bells. She is extremely smart and rings the bells when she needs to go outside. Her coat is a magnificent, apricot-colored silk fleece. She is truely a show-stopper and belongs on a calendar. Bella is exactly what we were looking for...a magnificant, loving family pet!"

RaeAnne K.

Australian Labradoodle - SnickersMeet the Carlson's and "Snickers"

Hello Vicki, I want to extend a big heartfelt thanks to you for helping add the newest member of our young family. I feel good about Snickers knowing that he came from an Australian breeder who truly cares about her puppies. Our experience with you proved to be one of care and experience we would most definitely seek again.


Puppy Update on Snickers from the Carlson's December 2007

Hi Vicki ~ Snickers is doing well. He is currently 41 lbs. We had obedience classes in September/October and are doing quite well w/ obedience. It feels as though he is just another one of us except hairier. He crates himself up when asked, sits, lays down, comes, gets ball upon "bally" command. He loves this activity as he knows he'll get play time from "bally". We are working on "here" so that he stays at leg-side when we walk together. He is absolutely the cutest little live Boyd's Bear. To look at him puts an automatic smile on everyone's face. He is (as Mike puts it) is nothing but an oversized lap dog. He has a birthday coming up soon and will have a special dinner, cake and presents like everyone else at the Carlson homestead gets on their bdays. His weekly brush is an hour + long process and he loves the attention. We highly suspect he is a human w/ a dog costume on. We love our floppy Boyd dearly ~ Be well, Nan

Meet Myna and "Coco"

Hi, fellow Labradoodle Fans, I would like to share my recent experience in dealing with Vicki Tyson of Australian Labradoodles of Windsor Creek. I began researching breeders of these adorable dogs about a year ago, and after several communications with Vicki, decided to put in my request for one of her Australian Labradoodles. She was always available to answer my many questions about her dogs, and what I could expect from her breedings. The day finally came, only a few weeks ago, Feb. 9, 07, and I picked up my new little cutie. We named her Coco, and she is a little darling. A beautiful, chocolate bouncing ball of energy, who, at just 10 weeks of age, loves to prance around on her hind legs, and can already retrieve a ball. She comes when called, and is learning to respond to the "sit" command. Everyone who sees her, simply falls in love with her. My husband and I are thrilled to have her as part of our family, and know we made the right decision to have an Australian Labradoodle. Thank you Vicki and Walt.

- Myrna De Silva

Meet the Sindorf's and "Toby"

When we learned about Australian Labradoodles of Windsor Creek, I checked Vicki's registrations with IALA, completed her application,... and suddenly began to worry that I might not pass HER inspection... quite a hilarious thought to anyone who knows me! But as I had gotten to know Vicki, I realized she and Walt are not selling dogs. They are raising delightful companions to live rich lives with lucky families' creating just the type of dog I dreamed of finding.

Australian Labradoodles - TobyWhen Vicki accepted our application (thank heavens for that!), my husband was astounded to learn that she would pick our puppy. He could not believe that someone would decide IF we could buy their puppies, and then tell us WHICH puppy we could have if any. However, I'd found faith in Vicki's process. Her detailed application, and frequent conversations and emails to answer questions she had about us, convinced me she was the best person to decide whick dog fit into our family.

Australian Labradoodle - TobyVicki clearly spent time going over our application, and she spent 6 weeks learning Daisy's litter before she finally chose our dog. Because of Vicki's strict, and admirable, health precautions, we didn't meet our puppy until the day we came to pick him up. The dragging days of waiting to meet him were made better by Vicki's weekly emails and pictures, but we still had a hard time waiting to meet our puppy.

Once we finally brought our puppy home, we were thrilled with him. His personality is great for handling our kids, our hours at work, and the many people who come visit. He is lively, loving, personable, bright, funny but most importantly, a perfect match for us. Vicki had chosen well. While other pups would also be wonderful dogs, the subtle differences in their needs and their personalities might not have made them quite as suited for life with us. We are truly blessed that we found Windsor Creek, and that we had the self-restraint to let someone else choose a dog for us!

-Julianne, Stasburg, PA

Meet the Ogur's and "Kipper"

Australian Labradoodle - KipperOnce we decided that we wanted a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle, I started calling various breeders within a day's drive of our home. I was so comfortable talking to Vicki from the start that I knew she was the breeder with whom I wanted to work. We arranged to 'meet the parents' once it was confirmed that Daisy was pregnant, and Vicki was very accommodating by making sure both dogs were at her home for us to meet. Throughout the pregnancy, Vicki kept us updated, and once the puppies arrived, she e-mailed an update and photos at least once a week. Although we were anxious about her matching us with a puppy, she did a wonderful job in choosing the right pup for our family. Kipper was an instant fit, and we couldn't be happier! Vicki continues to be an excellent resource for us as first time dog owners.

- Ogur family

Meet Cambrie and Hershey

LabradoodlesWe stumbled across the Windsor Creek Labradoodle website while searching for more information about Labradoodle breed. We decided to contact Vicki Tyson through email to ask question about this unique breed. Surprisingly, Vicki responded back to us within a few hours after our first email with her. She gave us thorough information about the Australian Mutli-Generation Labradoodle along with the cost of the puppies and the location of their home along the recent pictures of the puppies. We emailed her quite a bit with many questions we have and she faithfully responded back to each of these emails within a reasonable time. Vicki has a wealth of knowledge of Australian Mutli-Generation Labradoodle. We felt right then that we made the right choice in selecting the breeder. We asked if we could come up and see the puppies and their parents before making this major decision of adopting the new puppy. She gave us Hershey and Cambrie's parentsthe date to see if we were available to come up (it was a three-hour drive for us from Fredericksburg, VA) and she arranged to have the father (Melvin) there during our visit.

Vicki and her husband Walter welcomed us to their home in the lovely country theme. We felt immediate at ease in meeting them because of our similar taste in having dogs and country home theme. We were introduced with the puppies' wonderful parents (Daisy and Melvin) and adorable "Uncle" Fuey (puppies' uncle). We were impressed of how protective both Walter and Vicki have of the puppies health.

We intended to get one puppy, but we ended up in having two puppies after meeting the Labradoodle family and Tysons. We have a 12 years old English Springer Spaniel and after much thought we feel it will be nice to have two sibling puppies to keep them busy with their energetic puppy-related traits and companionship. Vicki is a great selector of the puppies to match with us and to meet our needs.

We adopted a Chocolate male name Hershey, not only because of his coloring, but also because of the near-location of Hershey Factory & Park Theme where these puppies were born) and a Apricot female name Cambrie. Their fleece coats are so soft and their personalities are of bubbly and happy trend. It is an ecstatic time to have them part of our family and they keep us on a lively roll. After they get their full vaccinations, we plan to take them for various trainings in obedience, Good Canine Citizen and Therapy Dogs. We are also thinking of training them as part-time hearing service dogs for us who are hearing impaired.

We are still keeping in touch with the Tysons with the pictures of Hershey and Cambrie and the status of their growth period. We are very pleased and blessed with our choice of selecting this Australian Mutli-Generation Labradoodle breed along with their breeders - Vicki and Walter Tyson.

Proud Parents of Australian Labradoodles siblings - Hershey and Cambrie
Cathy and Tim Willard
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Meet BellaAustralian Labradoodle - Bella

My Bella ~ While all puppy in her play time, thanks to the handling and loving care Vicki provided in the first 8 weeks of Bella's life, she loves her cuddle time and more. She loves to be hugged and held and tolerates anything including having children play with he ears, paws and tail! Due to the weekly photos and updates Vicki provided from Bella's birth until the time I picked her up, I had already bonded and fell in love with the new addition to my family before she even came home.


Meet Izzy

We absolutely adore Izzy. She's smart and eager to please. Training was a breeze! She can be a little clown and always makes us laugh. Australian Labradoodle - IzzyEveryone who ever meets her, agrees she such a nice little dog, and can't help but fall in love with her.

Vicki was wonderful during the process. She kept us informed and was great about answering all of my e-mails while we waited to bring Izzy home. We probably e-mailed daily during those 8 weeks. Vicki even went along with some of my crazy ideas such as putting a baby blanket in with the litter prior to taking Izzy home as it makes the adjustment period easier. Vicki was more than willing to accommodate this request and I think it really worked! Izzy adjusted very well. To make a long story short, I love my doodle and am glad we made the decision to get her. Vicki was great to work with, and we'd do it again. I highly recommend her and her doodles!


We had a very pleasant experience purchasing Bella from you. We appreciated your help before we got Bella , answering our questions and giving us advice. Our puppy has attracted much attention, she's adorable, smart, very friendly, and ready to please. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the market for a labradoodle.
Barb, Bob, Christie, Mike and Kevin Ignatuk
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