''Every puppy should have a boy.''

- Erma Bombeck

Here's a few kind words from our loving adopted families
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Labradoodle Temperament

Australian Labradoodle - Lucky

Labradoodle Temperament:
Clever, sweet puppies!

Australian Labradoodles are simply brilliant dogs and very easily trained from potty training to obedience training. They are extremely comical and fun-loving. The labradoodle comedian of our family is Fuey whose favorite pastime is staring intently at our T.V. and of course, watching the 'Dog Whisperer' is definitely his preference!

Labradoodles are clever dogs who are very intuitive to the point of seemingly being 'mind readers' which of course is one of many attributes lending them to being excellent therapy and service dogs. This particular breed has a very calm and gentle personality and are known to be especially wonderful with children! Labradoodles are extremely affectionate and sociable which is particularly why they make such amazing family members. Their life expectancy is in the area of about 13 to 15 years.

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