''Every puppy should have a boy.''

- Erma Bombeck

Here's a few kind words from our loving adopted families
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Our Girls

Windsor Creek Maddie Rose Pippa ~ aka " Pippa "

ALAA – 042203

Please welcome beautiful “Pippa” to our breeding program!  Pippa is our delightful little sweetheart who is incredibly loving, smart and super athletic.  She is all about having fun, being silly and totally loves being outdoors to play.  We are thrilled she has passed her health testing with flying colors and can’t wait to see the lovely puppies she will give us.  Pippa lives with her amazing Guardian Family and two other of our doodles where she is cherished and spoiled like the princess she is!

Pippa is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 18 inches tall and weighs 30 pounds.


Windsor Creek A Kiss for Luck Kyra ~ aka " Kyra "

ALAA - 036091

We are introducing the newest member of our Breeding Program, our adorable Kyra. Kyra lives in a wonderful guardian family who best sums up all the awesome qualities of our girl......"Kyra is a lover! She loves to play with us, snuggle and to be with us wherever we go.....for walks, to the beach or just being at home. Kyra is bright and happy with life, a loyal companion for us and is always ready for the next adventure. She is a beautiful girl with an amazing, soft-as-silk, cream color coat." I am thrilled to have her in our Program and am over-the-moon about this sweet girl and the gorgeous puppies she will give us.

Kyra is a medium size Australian Labradoodle and is 18 1/2 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds.

Windsor Creek Zara ~ aka “Zara”

ALAA Registration ~ 031236

We are so excited to have our Zara join our Breeding Program!  Her name means “Princess, to blossom” and blossom she did!!  We are truly in love with this beautiful girl who carries a unique and stunning color mix of caramel and white, known as “Irish Spotting.”  Zara is a gentle, sweet soul who loves nothing more to be with anyone offering her some back and belly rubs.  She is a total cuddle bug too….content to curl up beside us when we are watching a movie but always ready to “rock and roll” when we get her favorite ball out or tell her she is going for a car ride!  We can’t wait to see the gorgeous puppies she gives us.

Zara is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 19 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds.

Windsor Creek Maddie Rose ~ aka "Maddie Rose"

ALAA Registration ~ ALAA-033730

Our Maddie Rose is the beautiful daughter of our own Schoggi and Halle.  A real love and happy-go-lucky girl, Maddie Rose is always ready to share her doodle kisses and have some fun!  We adore her amazing, gentle and loving disposition. Maddie Rose carries a gorgeous café’ fleece coat making grooming maintenance a breeze.  We are so excited about the awesome puppies she will give us!

Maddie Rose is a medium Australian labradoodle at 19 inches tall and 35 pounds. 

Windsor Creek Emme’s We Love Lucy ~ aka  “Lucy”

ALAA Registration ~ 030438

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!!  Oh how we adore our Lucy girl!!  Now here’s a girl with a charming personality, totally comical in her antics, and always ready to play and just have a great time!  Lucy has a silky, wavy fleece coat that is a rich, dark chocolate color.  Adding in her piercing, soulful brown eyes, she is a real show stopper!  Lucy lives with her awesome Guardian parents who baby-sit their adorable little grandson, allowing her to grow up with a best little buddy and vice versa!!  Kids and doodles, does it get any better than that!  We are thrilled to have Lucy join our Breeding Program as her puppies are sure to be just as beautiful and sweet as she is.

Lucy is a medium Australian Labradoodle at 18 inches tall and weighing 30 pounds.


Windsor Creek Daisy's Legacy ~ AKA "Halle"

ALAA Registration - 023698

We're so happy to have Halle join our breeding program! Halle is truly an amazing girl. There are so many wonderful things about her. She is an incredibly smart labradoodle with a fun, comical and gentle temperament. Her coat is stunning being a gorgeous café' fleece that feels incredibly soft much like cotton. The icing on the cake for Halle is her sweet, charming personality. We have totally spoiled her and we've loved doing it! I know she thinks she has officially reached celebrity status in our home now having claimed her own personal space on our bed at night! Halle will bring such lovely qualities to her puppies with her endearing, fascinating personality and beauty! She is a medium size Australian labradoodle at 19" and 32 pounds.

Windsor Creek Annie's Chocolat' Sensation "Emme" ~ AKA Emmeline

ALAA Registration - 021737

Emmeline is the beautiful daughter of our very own Annie!  "Em" is our medium size Australian Multigen girl who has a stunning allergy friendly fleece coat that is silky soft and a rich creamy chocolate color.  It's love at first sight when meeting "Em."  She is an absolute charmer, loves to gives kisses and has the most fun personality.  Her doting guardian parents say she is truly a "Daddy's" girl and quite the diva in her family, a role she enjoys playing to the hilt!!  We describe our Emme as total Australian "labradoodle perfection" with her sweet temperament, wonderful  conformation and parentage from superior Australian labradoodle lines.  We are so proud to have her join our breeding program and of all the outstanding qualities she will pass on to her amazing puppies!


LabradoodleWindsor Creek Meggie’s Tootsie Pop Bella ~ AKA “Bella”

ALAA Registration #:  ALAA-01767


We are truly in love with our Bella!  Bella has such a sweet and gentle nature.  She is so affectionate and loves nothing better than to give kisses, cuddles and be by your side.  Her color is simply stunning and includes extraordinary highlights of dark chocolate, red and parchment tones.  Her coat is a luxurious velvet wavy fleece, just lovely!  She especially enjoys car rides, and she is so smart!  Her guardian family that includes three wonderful little boys, has taught her how to “high five!”  Bella is a medium size Australian Multigen Labradoodle at 18.5” tall and weighs 32 pounds.  We are thrilled to have this gorgeous girl join our program!


Windsor Creek's Gotta Love Our Annie ~ AKA "Annie"

ALAA Registration#: ALAA-016817

We are proud to announce our sweet Annie, an Australian labradoodle daughter of our own Cammie, as entering our breeding program.  Annie has many extraordinary qualities to offer.  She is a stunning cream/caramel girl, medium in size, with outstanding conformation.   In addition, she has a gorgeous velvet-like wavy fleece coat that is very easy to maintain.  Annie has a super sweet disposition, is playful but gentle and has the kindest eyes.  She is a member of our family so she gets plenty of love and spoiling here with us!  She is always the first one in line to hop in the car for a ride and just plain loves to hang out with anyone who gives her belly rubs.  She has completed her health testing and has wonderful Australian lineage behind her.  We are very excited to have Annie as one of our breeding females and look forward to the beautiful puppies she will produce for us!


Eden Valley's Cameo Rose of Windsor Creek ~ AKA "Cammie"

ALAA Registration#: ALAA-010004

Cammie ~ our Australian Labradoodle Girl

Introducing our Cameo Rose aka "Cammie," our stunning Australian girl from our own Mel!

Cammie gave us a second gorgeous litter of wavy fleece puppies this Spring, 2010. She has passed extensive health testing and we're in love with everything about her! We anticipate a bright breeding future for her with more beautiful litters as she has fantastic Australian lines behind her.

Cam has an extraordinarily buttery fleece coat type, very soft to the touch so that grooming her is a breeze! Her coat color is cream with striking caramel highlights throughout. She has an incredibly loving, gentle and playful temperament and is just a pure delight! Cammie resides with us and her best doodle friends Fuey and Meg. Pictures from her first photo shoot and recent shoot are found throughout the site!


Windsor Creek Daisy ~ AKA "Daisy"

ALAA Registration#: ALAA-ILAB-1-12-July 05-WC08

Daisy Doodle

Daisy Doodle


Australian Labradoodle
Australian Labradoodle

Daisy is our sweet little girl we retained from a Meggie litter. We chose to keep Daisy as one of our breeding females because she is absolutely stunning. She is our medium Australian gal born on July 12, 2005. She weighs 32 pounds and she is 20" tall. Daisy is a very social girl and just adores the world and everybody in it. In other words, she is an absolute love! She resides with her loving guardian family, Renee, Steve and Madison along with her labradoodle buddy Hershey where she is pampered and spoiled like the princess she is.

Renee has posted a great story about her on our Guardian page as well. Daisy has proven to also be a great Mom to her puppies. We are so proud of her and how diligent she is in raising her babies. Her progeny are all exactly like her from their gorgeous coats to their oh so sweet temperaments! We have had several absolutely outstanding compliments from our families on Daisy's puppies.

The most consistent comments we receive from her puppy families is that when they are out and about, everyone asks what breed their puppy is. They mention their lovely soft fleece coats and what good puppy manners they have. We have so much to be proud of in Daisy. She has passed all her health testing requirements and we feel very blessed to have this girl with us.

Soft Fleece Coat


Our Retired Girls

Cortland Meggie ~ AKA "Meggie"

ALAA Registration#: ILAB-1-19-APRIL 04-CT-01

Meggie, who is the matriarch of our program and a treasured member of our family, is now happily enjoying her retirement with us these days!  Meg has given us beautiful puppies during her breeding career and now has a new job socializing all our new litters of puppies.

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