''Every puppy should have a boy.''

- Erma Bombeck

Here's a few kind words from our loving adopted families
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Our Boys

Noble Vestal Schagadelic Schoggi ~ AKA "Schoggi"

ALAA Registration #ALAA ~ 029827

Our Schoggi is named after a yummy Swiss-German chocolate candy, how perfect!  We are head over heels in love with this guy.  Schoggi’s color is so amazing.  It is the darkest chocolate I have ever seen.  His stunning color combined with his silky coat laying in gentle curls makes him a definite showstopper!  People are always curious about him with their first question being…”Oh my gosh, what kind of dog is he?….He is so beautiful!”  Schoggi has that “teddy bear,” floppy doodle personality that just melts your heart!  We are so excited about the stunning puppies he will sire for us.  Schoggi is a large medium Australian Labradoodle at 20” tall and 40 pounds.


Avonlee's Orion ~ aka "Orion"

ALAA Registration #ALAA ~ 029542

Orion comes to us all the way from Kamloops, BC in Canada. What an incredible journey!  We adore everything about our handsome boy.  Orion has a buttery soft cashmere-like coat that makes you want to run your fingers through it!!  “O” is beyond intelligent.  He likes to dazzle us with his brilliant antics like opening doors for one!  Orion is always up for any game especially playing ball… his fav.  He is a totally happy boy who loves to cuddle and get lots of belly rubs.  He is a beautiful caramel and white color, medium size Australian Labradoodle who is 19” tall and 35 pounds. We are thrilled to have Orion join our Program.  His puppies will be amazing!


Windsor Creek Bella’s Kiss Me Tate ~ aka “Tate”

ALAA Registration #:  025397

We are so excited to have our handsome boy Tate enter our breeding program!  Tate brings “labradoodle perfection” to us starting with his fabulous gentle, super friendly personality.  What a totally fun guy…loving to play fetch with his fav toy, the Hippo!  He’s definitely our “Prince Charming!” His soulful eyes make you want to give him a big hug when you meet him. Tate has amazing conformation, a very solid appearance making him an outstanding example of an Australian Labradoodle.  His coat is a lovely cream color fleece that feels satiny soft to the touch.  He also has the signature caramel highlights in his ears and coat…an adorable feature known to his lines! Tate is a large medium boy at 19” tall and 42 pounds.  He has already produced a stunning litter of puppies for us in 2012, so we cannot wait to see more of his beautiful puppies arrive soon!


Springville Vincent ~ AKA "Vincent"

ALAA Registration #: ALAA 012888

Oh Vincent, sweet Vincent!!! Our breathtaking ruby red true miniature stud boy hails from superb Australian lines and is a welcome addition to our breeding program. We have been receiving many requests for colours of red, caramel and caramel/creams in the mini/small medium sizes. We carefully researched such a boy to fill these shoes and were blessed with finding our Vincent. Born on 5/5/08, he is a true miniature boy at 15" tall and weighs 21 pounds. Vince has amazing conformation. In addition, he has an amazingly soft wool coat type that brings very low to nonshedding qualities to his puppies. This type of coat is a breeze to maintain with no tendency to matt, which is fantastic. He is a loving and comical little soul and wiggles all over when greeting everyone! We describe him as a little "love sponge!" He will be a proud daddy in 2009 and has health clearances to include OFA hips, elbows, PRA clear by parentage, vWd clear by parentage, CERF clear, CBC, thyroid and heart.

Vincent is a boy exclusive to our own breeding program and we are so excited about all the qualities he brings to us along with our Melvin. Vincent resides with his loving guardian parents, the Easter family.

View Vincent's pedigree (pdf format)

Canadoodle Pollyanna's Melvin ~ AKA "Melvin"

ALAA Registration # ALAA - 004551

Wow, what a wonderful guy! Mel is our proven male born on 12/17/05. He is quite a handsome small medium Australian labradoodle who carries a gorgeous caramel, strong fleece to soft wool coat. He is 24 pounds and is 19 inches tall.

Mel has a very sweet disposition and is quite the comedian in his antics, quite the "entertainer." He has sired multiple litters of beautiful puppies and has passed all his special qualities of a loving, gentle temperament to his stunning good looks and coat type onto his progeny.

Melvin has completed all his health testing to include CERF clear, OFA hips and elbows, PRA clear via parentage, CBC, heart, thyroid and is vWd clear via parentage. Mel carries the bbee gene meaning he carries colors of caramel, chocolate, cream and white.

Melvin resides with his wonderful guardian parents, the Fritschi's. We love our Mel!



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