Preferred Breeder Friends
Aussie Labradoodles - Kari
Canadoodle Australian Labradoodles - Karen
Cortland Labradoodles - Cort
Delaware Valley Labradoodles - Diane
Eden Valley Labradoodles - Pam
Evergreen Manor Labradoodles - Ann
Heartsong Labradoodles - Bonnie
Kingdom Labradoodles - Jenny
Log Cabin Labradoodles - Patty
Morning Smile Labradoodles - Tai
Northwest Australian Labradoodles - Katie
Ocean State Labradoodles - Stefani
Labradoodle Puppy Love Labradoodles - Darice
Seaspray Australian Labradoodles - Peggy
Springville Labradoodles - Dixie
Tampa Bay Labradoodles - Karen & Mark
Walk in the Park Labradoodles - Helen
Waltzing Doodles - Michelle
Fun and Interesting Dog Sites
Doodle Stuff
I Love Dogs
Dog Supplies
Pet Edge
Informational Sites regarding the Labradoodle
International Australian Labradoodle Association
National Service Dogs Training Centre
Children's Books on Puppies
All About Dogs and Puppies
Puppy Training for Kids
Because of Win Dixie
Heartfelt Thank-you's
  A HUGE thank you to Ramona of Arq Technologies for all her hardwork and expertise devoted to our website
  Thank you and hugs to my husband and "labradoodle project engineer" Walt, for all his love and support.
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