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About Australian Labradoodles of Windsor Creek - Fuey
Australian Labradoodle

I have to say we have truly been blessed in having been led to becoming an Australian Multigenerational labradoodle breeder. Years ago after being introduced to an Australian labradoodle, we immediately fell in love with the breed. We quickly learned Australian labradoodles have the 'entire package' to offer in a family dog. All their attributes from their gorgeous low to nonshedding coat types, loving and gentle temperaments that are especially great with children, intelligence and intuitiveness were all we needed to know that this was definitely the dog for us! After careful thought and planning, my husband and I became devoted to promoting the Australian labradoodle breed and to developing a top quality labradoodle breeding program. Our dream journey continues with a lot of hard work and has resulted in breeding outstanding Australian labradoodle puppies. Along the way, we have been fortunate in meeting many wonderful folks. Our labradoodle puppy parents have become treasured friends as well as loving parents to our beautiful Australian puppies.

Our home is located in the southeastern part of Pennsylvania about 45 minutes south of Harrisburg. We lovingly raise our Australian labradoodles in a beautiful countryside where they can romp and have fun playing and just being 'doodles.' We encourage visits from our prospective families by those seriously interested in our puppies before our litters are born, so we can meet one another and we can introduce the breeding parents.

We do not have a kennel but choose to raise our labradoodle breeding stock and puppies in our home or in specially chosen guardian homes where they are members of the family. We raise one litter at a time. This allows us to give our complete devotion to our labradoodle puppies, having a lot of time for their socialization, so critical to puppies from birth as well as to their health and happiness. The translation to this means we give our labradoodle puppies lots of snuggles, cuddles and kisses. We are experts at pampering and loving our pups for their eight weeks with us!

At Austrlian Labradoodles of Windsor Creek, our responsibilities in raising outstanding Australian labradoodle puppies are:

  • Environment ~ Maintaining an extremely sanitary, bright, pleasant and fun surrounding for our babies. Plenty of room to play! We purposefully change their environment exposing them to different sounds/noises of daily life, situations and soothing music.
  • Observation ~ Our puppies are visible to us at all times. We have monitors placed throughout our home to ensure they are safe and doing well.
  • Health ~ Excellent nutrition and dietary requirements.
  • For breeding stock, health care by a Theriologist (reproduction specialist)
  • Vet Care ~ Expert health care by our trusted long-time veterinarian Dr. Schmidt and his staff.
  • Socialization ~ Individually and as a litter - lots of love, kisses and snuggles, of course this is the best part of being a puppy breeder!
  • Mental Stimulation ~ We provide many different toys and design obstacles for them to explore. This is so important at this time in their development.
  • Stimulation methods to include handling of their feet to prepare for nail trimming. This is done to 'desensitize' their feet so that they are comfortable with nail duties.
  • Brushing coats. This helps your doodle feel more at ease with grooming.
  • Housetraining ~ Begins at a few weeks old. By five weeks old, using our unique training method, they are doing their potty business in a specified area. It is amazing to see how quickly doodles learn. By the time they come to their new home, they are well on their way to being housetrained. Our families have commented to us how well their puppies do for them in that they are housetrained so quickly in their home!
  • Introduction to a crate and collar. They have access to snuggling in a crate and like to have that option of their own 'private' little home to sleep in. This is done at this early age to help them feel comfortable with a crate for training purposes and with the feel of a collar.
  • Introduction to positive reinforcement to 'no nipping' behavior with lots of praise for good behavior.

We are proud to be breeder members of the International Australian Labradoodle Association and the Australian Labradoodle Association of America and adhere to its high standards of breeding practices and Code of Ethics.

Australian Labradoodle Association of America
Australian Labradoodle
Association of America Member

International Australian Labradoodle Association Member
Accredited Breeder Member IALA

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